Central wins cheer title at Southern Lakes Conference competition

This past weekend was the Southern Lakes Conference cheer/dance competition at Wilmot High School.

The Westosha Central Varsity squad took home the Conference Championship Cheer title and Waterford Varsity took home the Conference Championship Dance title.

Varsity Cheer Results

  • Westosha Central- 1st place
  • Lake Geneva Badger- 2nd place
  • Wilmot- 3rd place

JV Cheer Results

  • Wilmot-1st
  • Badger-2nd
  • Westosha-3rd

Stunt Groups (Varsity)

  • Badger-1st
  • Central-2nd
  • Wilmot-3rd

Varsity Dance Results

  • Waterford-1st
  • Union Grove-2nd
  • Badger- 3rd

JV Dance Results

  • Union Grove- 1st

Small group Dance

  • Elkhorn- 1st

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