Units responding for report of rollover crash

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

A 8 a.m., Somers Fire and Rescue and sheriff’s deputies are responding to the northbound lanes of I-94 about a mile north of Highway 158 for a report of a rollover crash.

UPDATE 8:03 a.m. — Deputy reports that crash is closer to Highway 142. Dispatch says car is upright again, but may have no tires. Deputy reports one occupant, who is conscious. Car is blocking the right lane.

UPDATE 8:07 a.m. — Deputy reports car has three flat tires.


One Comment

  1. Wendy Demand says:

    It would have been much better for them to have had one squad on the south part of the bridge over 142 instead of after the crest. No one could see which lanes were blocked until just the scene. I nearly got hit by an idiot racing around me in right lane at the off ramp. If deputy was on that side we would have known only left lane that passable ahead.

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