Silver Lake trustee to investigate shortfall in penalties revenue

Silver Lake Trustee Barbara Ironside said Wednsday she will be looking into why the village saw a decrease of about $20,000 in revenue from penalties and fines in 2011 from 2010.

Ironside reported on the decrease in revenue at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting.

In 2010, the village took in $79,213 in penalties and fines. In 2011, it collected $58,769.

Village President Jeff Albrecht pointed out that the village had budgeted to receive $101,000 in penalties and fines.

“From what I understand police action is up substantially,” Albrecht said. “That’s more than an anomaly. There’s something going on there.”

By police action, Albrecht meant citations, he clarified after the meeting.

Ironside said she would research court records and report back to the board.



  1. Just the facts says:

    I have read all of the bashing of the “rogue cops”, but still just a lot of vague opinions. Robert has posted quite the rant and doesn’t even live in the village. Let’s face it certain people will not like this police department, the sheriff’s department or any police depart when they get in trouble. As soon as “you” get a ticket, get arrested or someone to you has a negative contact with the police the words “rogue, bullies, nazi’s etc..” come out. If there was really this gigantic savings that would substantially lower taxes that would have happened. The truth is numbers like 60,000-100,000 can be thrown out there, but let’s say the savings is $60,000 with obvious less police coverage. Now I assume the Sheriff’s department will write substantially less citations as many implied…. so the fine revenue will go down RIGHT…. offsetting any savings!! So what really would the taxpayers be saving in the end???? Doesn’t look like much to me and then the Sheriff can increase their contract amount every year, because we will be at their mercy. If the sheriff’s department took over and you have a complaint about them who will you be able to go to? Oh yeah drive downtown and file one!! Even though some of the people may not like the police they have a hard job and most of the contacts they have are negative couple that with the fact that it is a small town makes their job even harder. I think the police do far more and follow through with more than most police departments.

    One last thing the poster that wrote about the police car sitting in one spot or another???? Really so everytime I see a city or county cop sitting anywhere on the interstate running radar or in a parking lot doing a report is somehow WRONG??? Ignorance is Bliss……

  2. robert says:

    to just the facts
    i gave you the facts darren hillock would not post them but infact they were the true facts
    and i have nothing against police at all.. again just the ones who think they are above the law “silver lake” police not kenosha county not lake county not dnr,, i assure you i have been arrested by all of them!
    but never once felt i was being arrested falsly untill “silver lake”
    so get off of your high horse and let kenosha county patrol silver lake and pray david beth doesnt hire silver lake police to be county police
    and the fact that i do not even live in silver lake should make you wonder why i am going this far,,i can give a crap about silver lake but i would like to know i can drive there or visit a friend or maby even one day fish it again

  3. allen #2 says:

    I have an idea for you guys that hate the SLPD…..STOP making it easy for then to ticket you! If the sign says 25 then do 25, it’s actually pretty simple! Do the speed limit and stay off my bumper. I personally think SLPD does a good job with what they have to work with. Kenosha County? Really? Yes they are good at what they do, however that will only leave this town with 1 sheriff on duty. What do you think happens then? I KNOW what happens, same thing that happens in Bristol and Paddock lake, that squad is called to go elsewhere leaving the town unprotected. I have seen response times from KCSD to be in excess of 20 minutes. THAT is unacceptable! So yeah lets get rid of SLPD and wait for the sheriff to show up whenever they feel like it or when they have to respond from the city. Makes perfect sense…………..better yet, lets just declare marshall law so I can PIT maneuver every idiot that is going 40+ in a 25, putting people in danger. ………. I’m game for that!!

  4. allen #2 says:

    All we need is the rescue squad? hahahaha… ACTUALLY Silver lake would be better protected by getting rid of Silver Lake Rescue and Silver Lake Fire! Contract Salem to do that. #1 it will be a ton cheaper. #2 the level of protection would be MUCH better since Salem is a paramedic squad and their fire dept is better structured, quicker response times and more experienced people in charge! Sell Salem the equipment and let them take over.

  5. Just the facts says:

    One last thing if the Sheriff’s department is so great…why didn’t the Sheriff know the laws regarding the Recall supporters. Instead he ended up on the front page of the newspaper looking like a fool. So we should have so much more faith in their department than our own…NOT ME!

  6. David Beth says:

    Dear just the facts, same amount of coverage and hours. The squads are assigned to the village and revenues stay in the village. Issues are dealt with on a local level just like they are now. If you really want to seem like you know the facts… you really should. By the way, I was right. Oh yah, my name is listed, is yours?

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