Missing Pets: Socks, a husky mix

Socks /submitted photo

A local family is looking for their missing dog.

Socks is a husky mix. He’s just over a year old. Mostly black but has white on his neck and belly along with his paws. One blue eye, one brown eye and a floppy ear. He’s a very strong dog but extremely friendly. He was last seen in Silver Lake.

If you have any information about Socks contact Casey at 262-496-5101 or 262-889-4937.



  1. Casey says:

    Home phone number is 262-889-4937

  2. Daniela K. says:

    There was a report of a husky type dog running loose in Twin Lakes yesterday morning near Tan Oaks apartment. Twin Lakes Police officers responded but I’m not sure what ever came about it all. Check with TLPD!

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