Twin Lakes postpones decision on LED streetlights

An example of the LED fixture being considered for street lights in Twin Lakes. The fixture is laying on its side on a table so it is more visible.

The Twin Lakes Village Board is still considering how much light and how much savings would make a switch  to LED fixtures downtown and in one park worth a change.

Changing out the lights could save $4,000 in power costs a year. At that rate, the savings could pay for the estimated $15,000 in replacement costs on the lights in under four years, according to numbers presented to the board by village administrator David Cox earlier this month. The fixtures have an expected life of 18 years. Proposed is changing 24 lights downtown along Main Street and in Millennium Park as well.

The lights were on the agenda again for Monday’s regular Village Board meeting. But board members put off a decision until they could do more comparisons on whether the new lights would provide the desired additional brightness downtown. Public works crews have installed one LED fixture downtown for comparison purposes.

What do you think? Here’s some video of each of the two lights:


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