Snow shoveling ordinance modified in Paddock Lake to allow more time for clean-up

Those with sidewalks in front of their homes or businesses in Paddock Lake will have a little more time to shovel snow from those walks under changes to the village ordinance approved Wednesday night.

Under the new rules, residential properties with a sidewalk in front or adjacent will need to have their sidewalks cleared no later than midnight of the day following each snow event.

Commercial properties have to clear sidewalks no later than noon of the day of a snow event.

Trustee Joseph Riesselmann, chairman of the Public Works Committee, said the changes are clearer than the old law and will allow substantially longer for residents to clear sidewalks.

Only two residential neighborhoods have sidewalks: the interior of the Pathways Glen subdivision on the village’s northwest side and the horseshoe-shaped neighborhood around 243rd Court-60th Place-245th Avenue.

The changes were approved unanimously.


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