Paris joins Bristol in retaining access rights on Highway 45 feeders

The Paris Town Board joined the Bristol Village Board in voting to retain rights to determine access points for roads that intersect with Highway 45.

Paris’ action came at a re-scheduled Town Board meeting Tuesday night.

The state had asked Paris and Bristol to grant the state authority to control access on locally controlled roads within 250 feet of Highway 45.

Town Chairman Virgil Gentz said he had some concerns about granting the state additional authority after attending an informational meeting last week in Bristol hosted by the state DOT. At the meeting, the state explained that it was seeking to document all access points on Highway 45 in order to preserve safety and the highway’s two-lane status as long as possible.

The state also had appeared before the Paris Town Board earlier this year to explain the project.

A motion to inform the state via letter that it did not want to give up the access authority passed unanimously.

Plan Commission Chairman John Holloway, who also attended the DOT meeting last month, pointed out Tuesday that only three roads udner town jurisdiction intersect with Highway 45. The other intersecting roads are county highways.


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