Wheatland to seek flags for KD stop sign

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Wheatland officials will be seeking additional visibility for a stop sign on Highway KD at the Geneva Road (Old Highway 50) intersection.

The concern about the visibility of the sign has been created by recent crashes at the intersection. Town Chairman Bill Glembocki said he will suggest to the county that some high-visibility flags be added to the sign facing northbound traffic on Highway KD as a first step.

Another possibility might be to add a stop ahead sign. Constable Bob Haas raised the possibility of rumble strips, but Clerk Sheila Siegler pointed out there are homes nearby. Residents near rumble strip locations often complain about the noise generated by traffic passing over rumble strips.

Glembocki suggested the flags be tried first before more drastic measures are sought.

Since Highway KD is a county road, authority for implementing any further traffic control lies with the county.

“I’ve been trying to get the speed limit on that road lowered to 35 (mph),” Haas said. “They won’t do it.”


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