Paris to pay full county taxes for residents this year

Paris will pay the county tax for all residents for at least one more year, Town Board members announced tonight at the town’s budget hearing.

The board had been considering perhaps not paying all of residents county taxes, as it has in the past from revenue received from the Waste Management Pheasant Run landfill, located in the southwest corner of the town.

But when it came down to taking action, all three board members said they felt the process for such a big change was not started soon enough this year.

“I think this year we were just running out of time to make an informed decision,” said Supervisor Ken Monson.  “I think we’re making the right decision to pay the whole thing.”

But board members comments also seemed to indicate this won’t be the case for 2013.

“We have to prepare the citizens,” said town Chairman Virgil Gentz. “I would say in a year there will be some changes.”

The board’s budget for 2012 calls for a total of $1,809,399 in total expenses. Some $1,094,785 of that is paying the county tax. Thanks to the landfill revenue,  Paris does not levy a town tax to cover the operations of the town.

The Town Board unanimously approved a budget that included paying the tax levy at a special board meeting that followed the budget hearing and a special electors meeting.

The budget shows a $385,825 deficit, which will be paid for from reserves.


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  1. Jeff says:

    I was out of town and not able to attend this meeting. Does anyone else have more details?

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