Four Wheatland Center students participating in UW-Milwaukee honors band this weekend

Four Wheatland Center School band students are participating this weekend in the UW-Milwaukee Middle Level Honors Band.

The Wheatland students will be performing with students from all over Southeastern Wisconsin. On Friday they auditioned for their chair placement in the band they will participate in. The students will end with a concert Nov. 20 at the UW-M Peck’s Performing Arts Center. Students will also be working with professional musicians that specialize in the instrument they play.

The four Wheatland students attending are:

  • Hayden Nichols – clarinet.
  • Jason Johnson – flute .
  • Ashley Dabbs – baritone.
  • Tommy McClain – trumpet .

The following students were nominated, but not selected:

  • Anthony Hodnik – Percussion.
  • Sarah Verzal – flute.
  • Jesstys Volbrecht – flute.
  • Samantha Serak – clarinet.
  • Anna Devall – alto sax.

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