Lakewood School Veterans Day Assembly coverage

Lakewood School in Twin Lakes celebrated the nation’s veterans and their sacrifices in an assembly that featured several musical performances.

A group of local veterans in attendance introduced themselves and told the students what branch of the Armed Services thery sered in and during what era.

Students performed as parts of choirs, with hand bells and with the middle school band. All of the students present also joined in a group song at the end.

Here are some video highlights of the program:

Note: My apologies to the band students and their director. Due to operator error on my part, I completely botched the taping of their performance. I will look for an opportunity to make up for that. — DH



  1. Yvonne Fellenz says:

    Veteran Mr. Harry Tobias delivered a heart wrenching story of our flag and of all of the battles our flag has persevered through. The children gave their music to the veterans, who are “their heroes”. As Mr. Harry Tobias states, “The real heroes are in the Veteran’s hospitals and in the Veteran’s homes, and in the Memorial cemetaries.

  2. Jule Stine says:

    Your veteran, Mr. Harry Tobias, did an outstanding job of telling the story of our flag, and I can tell it comes from his heart. He is an amazing human being..he lives his life with respect and love for others, he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it..I know because he is my uncle..thank you for sharing this. I live in Ohio and don’t get to see family members very often, so thank you for letting me see him. Thank you for doing this for our veterans.

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