Governor signs Twin Lakes valuation correction bill

Samantha Kerkman

Twin Lakes taxpayers can officially let out a sigh of relief regarding their 2012 property tax bill.

A bill spearheaded by state Rep. Samantha Kerkman and aimed at correcting a state error in the village’s equalized valuation was signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker Wednesday.

Without the correction, Twin Lakes taxpayers would have paid more taxes proportionately than other county taxpayers, village officials have said.

From a press release from Kerman’s office:

Assembly Bill 273 was signed into law by Governor Walker yesterday, providing the Village of Twin Lakes the opportunity to offset an equalized value error with a Department of Revenue (DOR) loan rather than having to artificially raise property taxes. Local officials quickly discovered the error, but DOR did not have statutory authority to correct the mistake. The department was instrumental in crafting the bill which passed unanimously in both houses of the legislature. “Timely, bipartisan, and cooperative efforts on AB 273 mean Twin Lakes residents will not see an error-related increase in their property taxes,” said Rep. Kerkman.  “This is what good government looks like.”


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