Twin Lakes won’t ban carrying weapons in village buildings

Photo by Cathy Kaplan via stock.xchng

Twin Lakes Village Board members on Monday expressed no support for enacting a ban on carrying concealed or openly displayed weapons in village owned buildings.

The issue has arisen because of changes in state law that make it legal to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin with a permit.

However, the new state law provides that businesses and governments can ban weapons in their buildings by posting a sign to that effect.

Last month, board members had a spirited discussion of the issue, with some on both sides.

Monday, there was little philosophical discussion. Instead the little discussion there was hinged on liability concerns.

Village administrator David Cox explained the village may be opening itself to additional liability by banning weapons and not following state law.

No one on Monday expressed support for a ban. Cox said he would have the local ordinance modified for future consideration to make it comply with the new state concealed carry provisions.

Board members can enact a ban later if they so wish, Cox said.


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