Special Paris Town Board meeting on county tax payments is Tuesday

A special Paris Town Board meeting will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8, starting at 7 p.m.

The only agenda item is a public discussion regarding Kenosha County tax paid by the town for Paris residents. No action will be taken at this meeting, a posting at the town website says.

The board first broached the subject of perhaps not paying residents county property taxes at the October regular board meeting.

In the past, the town, which does not levy a town tax, also has paid residents’ county property taxes from town coffers. That money comes largely from revenue received by the town from Waste Management’s Pheasant Run landfill, which is located in the southwest corner of the town.

Waste Management officials have been seeking changes in the contract that governs the payments due to what they say is greatly decreased use of the facility in Paris. They blame much higher tipping fees in Wisconsin in comparison to surrounding states.


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  1. Time for change says:

    The tipping fees are Waste Management’s problem, not the Towns. They have already violated their contract for a couple years now. Compromise has to come at the best interest of the town. The Town Board has know about this problem for a long time. They can’t expect people to come up with a major tax increase with NO notice. Show up and be heard. The town has plenty of reserves to cover this until next year after the Waste Management “negotiations” are finalized.

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