Historical Society seek copies of Mugwump papers

A front page from The Mugwump. Click for a larger view. /Courtesy of the Western Kenosha County Historical Society

Paul J. Sauer/ Courtesy of the Western Kenosha County Historical Society

Do you have any of Mugwump newspapers?

If you do, the Western Kenosha County Historical Society would like to borrow them.

“The Mugwump” was a four-page paper with a column or two of little tidbits about people and places in Kenosha and Racine centered in Slades Corners. It had  a banner slogan of “THE MUGWUMPS ARE ALWAYS ON THE SAFE SIDE. The weekly paper ran from September 16, 1892 until 1941. It was started by Paul J. Sauer of Slades Corners when he was 14 years old as a hobby and without any experience or mentor. He continued the paper into adulthood while he clerked in his father’s store – Paul E. Sauer Store, in 1910 as a co-owner with his brother Oscar, and then as sole proprieter in 1930. Postal rates were the demise of the paper. He was also the postmaster in Slades Corners beginning in 1910. In his own words, “We are for Slade’s Corners and its people and everything that will benefit either or both – first, last and all the time.”

The historical society is trying to assemble a full set with the help of many contributors, said Linda Valentine, representative of the group.

The Western Kenosha County Historical Society can be reached at wkenoshachs@gmail.com or 862-7165. Call or write if you have some copies or know of someone who does.



  1. Western Kenosha County Historical Society says:

    We are still looking for issues of this 46 year publication.

    We understand that there are relatives still living. If they could be encouraged to contact us, we would be pleased. Our goal is to make the information contained in the papers available to others at no cost. This small paper was a nice cross section of the souther part of Racine County, Northern Illinois and all of Western Kenosha County. The little hapenings that make a acommunity are documented on the pages and we think that should be saved. Help us please. Spread the word!

    We feel confident that there are some people who have many issues of this stored away. We are very confident that there are single issues tucked in with family treasures. We would like to borrow whatever you have for a short time.

    Contact info in the story is still valid!

  2. michele oasheim says:

    I lent you two copies of my mugwumps quite a while ago and would like them back. thank you michele

  3. Western Kenosha County Historical Society says:

    Yes, Michele, The society will bring them to you, the weather and the prep before BlurtITout and catch up have gotten in the way. I’ll be at the post office in Powers today at 11:00 See ya then!

  4. Western Kenosha County Historical Society says:

    Check out the new addition of the MUGWUMPS on the Burlington Historical Society Page!

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