Randall Supervisor Nolan misses sixth meeting

Randall Supervisor Rose Nolan was absent for her sixth Town Board meeting in a row Thursday evening.

Four of the meetings were regular Town Board meetings. Two were special Town Board meetings.

Chairman Robert Stoll said at Thursday’s meeting that he had not heard from Nolan or a representative about her status as to attending meetings. He said he had understood that he would hear from Nolan’s daughter-in-law about whether Nolan would be attending meetings.

Stoll asked Supervisor Robert Gehring if he had heard anything from Nolan. Gehring said he had not.

Stoll announced at the Aug. 31 special meeting that Nolan was unable to attend that meeting for health reasons.

There is no existing mechanism for the Town Board to replace or remove on a  temporary or permanent basis a supervisor who is absent for an extended period, Stoll said.

Supervisor Randy Kaskin also was absent from Thursday’s meeting.


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  1. valentine says:

    Aw, she’d have to miss another meeting to tie Town of Salem Supervisor Pat O’Connell and would have to had to missed every one of the budget meetings in 2010!
    There wasnt even a peep out of the media about THAT 90 day absence.. Not a peep!
    And, VIOLA! tho O’Connell lost the election, he got himself re-APPOINTED by the board!

    Rose could totally relocate, even out of state, and still remain ON the Board for the duration of her term. The ONLY residence qualifier is between the time a candidate submits their papers intending on running for office and the moment after being sworn in!

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