Twin Lakes approves lending money for motel sprinkler

A view of the motel on the Donovan's Reef property as of earlier this month.

The Twin Lakes Village Board on Monday unanimously approved loaning the owners of the motel being rebuilt at the Donovan’s Reef property the money for a fire suppression sprinkler system.

The motel had a fire in February. One person died in the fire and ultimately it was decided to demolish the building and rebuild.

Len Sattler, one of the owners of Donovan’s Reef, told the board earlier this month that he has already tapped out his insurance money for the rebuild, but was not aware of a relatively new requirement calling for a fire suppression sprinkler system in the building. That state requirement became law in January. He added that he had included other extra fire suppression measures, such as fire walls between each unit instead of every other unit.

Since he did not anticipate having to install the system, Sattler he was seeking any available assistance from the village.

The village would be liable for any money borrowed from the state trust fund, but if the Donovan’s owners ceased to make payments to the village, the village could assess the property’s tax bill.


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