Bristol Village Board doesn’t act on gun control ordinances

Photo by Cathy Kaplan via stock.xchng

The Bristol Village Board chose not to enact two ordinance changes Monday night that would have curbed the legal use of firearms in the village.

First the board decided not to exclude the carrying of firearms in municipal facilities, such as Village Hall. A proposed ordinance that would have prohibited both concealed and open carrying of firearms in municipal facilities was prompted by the impending legalization of concealed carry by permit as of Nov. 1.

Second the board decided not to pursue the creation of a ban on using rifles for hunting within village limits.

The decisions to essentially relay on state law in both instances were supported by all present Village Board members. Trustee Bill Glembocki was absent.

The¬†general¬†sentiment of board members who spoke on both laws was that neither situation has been presenting a problem and that the restrictions would have represented unnecessary intrusions into citizens’ rights.

But regarding rifles for hunting, Trustee Colleen Fisch said she felt that issue should be re-addressed periodically as the village’s population — and density — grows.


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