Twin Lakes residents can get another recyclables tote

Graphic by Kriss Szkurlatowski via stock.xchng

Are you a Twin Lakes resident who has trouble fitting all of their recycling into the provided container between every other week collections?

Then you might want to inquire about getting an additional recycling tote, village administrator Daivd Cox advises.

The topic of perhaps increasing the number of recyclable collections each month was brought up at the Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting Monday evening.

Many households he is familiar with feel they have more recycling than garbage, said Trustee Aaron Karow.

But instead of increasing the number of collections, which likely would come with an increase in fee, Cox suggested that people having a problem with their volume of recyclables get another tote. There is no charge for an additional tote.

Those interested can call Village Hall at 877-2858.


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