Wilmot Union High School homecoming parade photo

Union High School’s Homecoming parade took place Friday evening.

The parade of sports teams, fire engines and school clubs and organizations made their way from the fairgrounds, through downtown Wilmot and back to the school.

Wilmot is playing cross county rival Central this year for Homecoming. The freshman and JV football teams set the stage for a happy homecoming by defeating Central Thursday.

For many more photos of the parade — and some video of the bands — click the link below:

And because photos just don’t do bands justice, here’s some video of the Wilmot and Randall bands from the parade:



  1. jennifer Sockness says:

    I just want to say I come on this website everyday, love reading about our community. But now I am not sure I will. I like the pictures you took of the wilmot parade but find it disheartning that you took a picture of every entry BUT the Wilmot Trap Team. Those kids deserve to be reconized too. They have just as much team spirit as everyone else.

    1. admin says:

      Leaving out the trap team certainly was not intentional! I was trying to get a photo of as many units as possible in. Because of your comment I looked again at the photos on my camera (I took a lot) and found some units I missed. I will add them. I hope the trap shooting team is among them. — DH

  2. Jennifer Sockness says:

    Thank you! I did see the trap team and our kids 4-H float too! You took amazing photos. On another note I wanted to say I think you do great with all the news in the county that doesnt get in the Kenosha News. So THANK YOU

  3. T. Wetzel says:

    Wow Jennifer. I’m not certain that your initial threat was quite necessary. I’m sure a polite asking would result in some sort of photos of the Trap Team for you. Keep up the good work Darren.

    If interested, you can also find additional photos and coverage of Wilmot’s Homecoming activities on the official Wilmot Flickr photostream:


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