Salem School kicks off new positive behavior program

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Salem School  is implementing a new program to promote positive behavior throughout the year. The program, Positive Behavior Interventions and Support is a systemic approach to proactive, school-wide behavior based on a Response to Intervention model.

PBIS applies evidence-based programs, practices and strategies for all students to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish a positive school culture.

A kick-off assembly took place to introduce the program to students.

Primary grades principal Ben Walshire dressed up as a bee to promote the four expectations: BEE respectful, BEE Responsible, BEE Safe, BEE Positive.

The program also featured Salem School’s version of the famous Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Races featuring:  Mr. Respectful (teacher John Stewart), Be Responsible (teacher Craig Velleux), Mr. Safe (teacher Jeff Johnson), and Mr. Positive (district administrator David Milz).

Schools implementing PBIS build on existing strengths, complementing and organizing current programming and strategies. The PBIS model has been successfully implemented in thousands of schools in over 40 states, resulting in dramatic reductions in disciplinary interventions and increases in academic achievement. Data-based decision making is a hallmark of PBIS, allowing successes to be easily shared with all relevant stakeholders.

A school-wide acknowledgement program to students for displaying these expectations is also being implemented. Students will be given Falcon Feathers, which will be used to acknowledge students at monthly assemblies. All areas of the school community are taking a role in this program as well. PE, Music, Art, and Library are providing traveling trophies to classes throughout the year, and the maintenance department will be awarding the Golden Plunger Award to classes that keep their rooms clean.

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  1. Jack N. says:

    This is neat! Nice work, Salem. I hope to see this in the local newspapers also.

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