Randall approves contract for next phase of road project

Randall’s program of road rebuilding continued Thursday with the approval of a bid for the next phase of the project.

The Town Board approved a bid by B.R. Amon of Elkhorn of $959,000 for the work that will repair and resurface roads in the Knolls subdivision and other town roads in the northwest sector of the town.

B.R. Amon was the low bidder for the work. They also are the contractor for the current work going on along 93rd Street.

The Knolls and nearby subdivisions work has a mandatory completion date of Nov. 15, with an $800 a day penalty if not completed by then, Ken Ward, town engineer, said.

During discussion of the new project, some aspects of the 93rd Street project came up. Charles Gitzinger, Plan Commission chairman, said he knows many people along 93rd Street were surprised by the amount of drainage ditch work and tree cutting that took place along the road.

“They were shocked,” Gitzinger said.

Some tree trimming and removal and drainage ditch work will need to be done in the Knolls and nearby work too, but it will be much less extensive than along 93rd Street, Ward said. For example, four trees are slated for removal in the Knolls while close to 30 trees and other scrub growth were removed along 93rd Street. The Knolls and nearby project calls for 1,200 linear feet of ditch work in an area that has about 40,000 linear feet of roadside.

The 93rd Street ditches in many cases were deeper at one time but had just filled in over the years, Ward said. Trees are being cut back to not overhang the road to improve the road’s longevity.

The board debated for some time how to let residents know about the extent of the road project. It considered hosting an informational meeting or mailing a letter but instead settled on posting information at the town’s website including a link there to more extensive info at the Rukert-Mielke (the town’s engineering firm) website, having info available at town hall and reaching out via local media.

The mandatory completion date for the 93rd Street project is Oct. 1. B.R. Amon has requested an extension until Oct. 15, but Ward has denied it because sufficient reasons for the extension were not supplied, Ward said. The penalty for missing the deadline on that project also would be $800 a day.



  1. robert schmucker says:

    I did not see any indication of work to be done on 402 ave. and 92ndst on map shown. Is not included in this phase or nothing will be done?

    1. admin says:

      Looks to me like those streets are included in this sector, but are not slated for any work, but I don’t speak for the engineering firm.– Darren

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