It’s baby snapper turtles time

West Jacobs photo

West Jacobs shared the following and some great accompanying photos, which he took:

It’s that time of year when the baby Snappers’ start emerging from their nests. 25 total in this one; mom Snapper dug a hole in Tom and Kim Ebers front yard in our Hickory Hollow subdivision this summer late one night and the kids found three to start with and then discovered the nest. I dug down and got the rest of them. Two eggs had not hatched yet; they will be let go into the swamp down the road.
Click the continued link to see more photos.

West Jacobs photo

West Jacobs photo

West Jacobs photo

West Jacobs photo

West Jacobs photo



  1. Russ Johnson says:

    I don’t think what has been done here is a good thing at all.

    If it were a nest of rabbits, or squirrels, or anything else, do you think it would be ok to just “dig them up” and play with them?

    I hope the next nest he digs up is full of ground bees.

  2. Kim Erber says:

    In response to Mr. Johnson’s comments, the nest was made right next to my garage, and the turtles were heading either towards the street, my garage, my inground pool, or a dried up creek. We were concerned about their safety, so I made sure that they were all moving well, and then we released them next to a creek (that runs into ours when the water is high) down the road which would probably be where the mother turtle was originally.

  3. West says:

    Your apathetic, uninformed and last statement don’t deserve a response

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