Bristol wants another Highway 45 project meeting

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The Bristol Village Board will seek at least one more meeting so that residents can air their opinions on the state’s proposed plans for reconstruction of Highway 45.

Four residents spoke during citizens’ comments at Monday’s board meeting objecting to the plans, which include options for multi-use paths, sidewalks and roundabouts at major intersections. The citizens who spoke raised objections to the cost of some aspects of the project, potential property loss and the trail system being connected to other systems from outside Bristol.

After hearing the comments, Trustee Carolyn Owens suggested the board host another public hearing to gather further comments, whether part of the DOT’s official process or not. Village administrator Randy Kerkman said he will approach the DOT to explore possibilities. When that meeting is scheduled, Owens suggested the meeting and its purpose be thoroughly promoted, similar to the meetings held when Bristol was seeking incorporation as a village.

The state would pay the cost of any work on the road itself. Cost of paths or sidewalks would be shared between the village and state, with Bristol paying 20 percent.

State officials said the decision about what work will be done will be made by the state, after  consultation with village officials.

A post about the last DOT hosted meeting on the project is available here.

Actual construction would begin in 2015 in plans presented by state officials last week. But Kerkman pointed out that an overhaul of the highway has been delayed several times before.



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