State makes error in Twin Lakes equalized value

An error the state Department of Revenue admits to making but cannot fix this year will have Twin Lakes property owners paying a little more in taxes proportionately than their neighbors in some situations, village administrator David Cox explained at Monday’s village board meeting.

Equalized value in most Kenosha County municipalities decreased. But in Twin Lakes, the error caused village equalized property value to be shown by the state as flat or with a slight increase, Cox said.

The result is that in situations where taxing bodies are made up of multiple municipalities, such as county taxes or school districts, Twin Lakes property owners will pay a larger share of taxes than those in other municipalities.

Cox said the situation was brought to the attention of the state. The state admits an error was made, but says it cannot be corrected until next year.

Making the correction will result in a larger than normal fluctuation in equalized value for property in the village over the next couple of years, Cox said.

Kenosha property owners, as their equalized value dropped more than the county average, will pay proportionately less taxes for shared tax entities than any other county municipality, Cox said.



  1. Matt says:

    I bet the state could quickly fix this mistake if the error meant lower taxes! I’m sure it would be fixed VERY quickly then.

  2. Martin says:

    Taxes are not due for another four months. A company that made a mistake like this and could not fix it in 120 days would not have any customers. Do we have to just accept this? What about asking our state legislators to help get this rectified? 4% is not a minor amount, given how high taxes already are here. You can e-mail them at and

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