22nd Senate District recall election coverage; Wirch wins

Polls are closed in the 22nd Senate District and some early results are in at 8:20 p.m.

A recall effort was started against incumbent state Sen.  Bob Wirch after he and 13 other Senate Democrats left Madison for Illinois — where they stayed for about three weeks — to avoid a quorum for a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill last February. Political newcomer Jonathon Steitz survived a Republican primary to challenge Wirch.

With four of 95 polls reporting in Kenosha County,Steitz is leading incumbent Wirch 1768 to 1555.

UPDATE 8:26 p.m. — Steitz 2366; Wirch 1993. No Racine County results yet.Racine County portion of the district is parts of the city and town of Burlington in far western Racine County. All of Kenosha County, except Wheatland, is in the 22nd District.

UPDATE 8:32 p.m. — Racine County reporting some returns. Overall count now Steitz 5229; Wirch 4071.

UPDATE 8:35 p.m. — One more poll reporting. Steitz holds about same percentage margin over Wirch — 56% to 44%.

UPDATE 8:42 p.m. — Nine Kenosha County polls reporting now. No change in percentage of Steitz lead.

UPDATE 8:44 p.m. — Ten polls in, Steitz percentage holding steady.

UPDATE 8:48 p.m. — Twelve polls reporting, Steitz slips one percentage point; now 55% to 45%.

UPDATE 9:06 p.m. — Thirteen polls, no change in lead by percentage for Steitz.

UPDATE 9:09 p.m. — 21 polls now reporting — Wirch takes lead in Kenosha County; Steitz still has edge overall 51% to 49%.

UPDATE 9:13 p.m. — With 27 Kenosha County polls reporting now, Wirch takes lead overall — 52% to 48%.

UPDATE 9:16 p.m. — 46 polls in Kenosha County now reporting; Wirch leading 55% to 45%.

UPDATE 9:29 p.m. — With 89 polls in Kenoshs County now reporting, Wirch lead widens to 56% to 44%.

UPDATE 9:37 p.m. — With all but one Kenosha County poll, and all Racine County polls reporting results, Wirch leads 58% to 42%.

UPDATE 9:57 p.m. — All 95 polling places in Kenosha County and all Racine County polls reporting: Wirch wins 25541 to 18838 or 58% to 42%. These are unofficial results and could still change some tonight as additional ballots — such as absentee votes — are counted.


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