Twin Lakes Village Board follows through on Bayview access clarification

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The Bayview subdivision lake access strip viewed from Rosebud Avenue.

The Twin Lakes Village Board on Monday formalized its lack of any claim to ownership to a 20 foot strip of land that runs from Rosebud Lane to Lake Mary.

Not as settled is a storm water drainage issue that one Rosebud resident is seeking that would involve the access.

The board passed a resolution acknowledging that the property was never accepted by the village, that the property has never been maintained by the village, that the property is not a public right of way and is owned by the members of the neighborhood association. The village also has pledged to help the land be assigned a parcel number, which could then be registered as belong to the association.

Ownership of the land has come up as  an issue a few times in the past, though village officials contend they have never attempted to make any claim to owning the property. The issue arose again recently when a resident on the west side of Rosebud Lane asked for the village’s help in alleviating a storm water drainage issue. The village would like to run a drainage pipe down the access.

Village President Howard Skinner asked association representative Joseph Wojcik about the willingness of the group to cooperate with the village’s plan. Wojcik said an association meeting is scheduled for later this week at which he will present the plan and it will be voted on by membership.


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  1. Rita Meier says:

    Village President Howard Skinner did ask about the willingness of the association to cooperate with the village’s plan. He also asked Wojcik, as President of the Association, to cooperate with the village. The association meeting is planned for Sept 3rd.

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