Randall Town Board to consider appeal of Ethics Board decision

The Randall Town Board will meet Aug. 31 to consider an appeal by former town Supervisor Mark Halvey of an ethics committee finding regarding allegations Halvey made against Supervisor Rose Nolan.

Halvey alledged that a campaign letter circulated by Nolan before this April’s election that included comments about supervisors being “fatheads,” some having their “masculinity challenged” and that some were “petty, vindictive tyrants” referred specifically to him as he was the only other incumbent running.

Nolan contended the comments were not about Halvey, but were more general in nature.

Three of the ethics committee members said they felt the passages in the letter were generic, while two committee members said they felt there was evidence the comments were leveled at Halvey by Nolan.

Halvey has exercised his right to an appeal of the committee’s finding, prompting the action by the board.

Most board members wanted time to look at the evidence presented to them Thursday. Nolan recused herself from the discussion.

Supervisor Bob Gehring, however, said his mind was made up on the next step; the board should accept the ethics committee finding.

At the special meeting, which will start at 7 p.m., the board will be able to:

  • Confirm the Ethics Committee findings.
  • Reverse a factual finding of the committee.
  • Modify a finding of the committee.
  • Send the findings back to the committee, which could gather further evidence or deliberate further.

One Comment

  1. George Bailitz says:

    I certainly hope that the Town Board will not allow any comments, cat-calls, or immature “booing” that was present the last time this subject was discussed. I totally agree that Ms. Nolans’ comments deserve an absolute explanation from her, as they seemed a bit over the top, and unnecessary for that election. But to allow holders of political grudges to disrupt an official meeting would not be right. Especially when those offenders are previous Town Officers who should know better. George Bailitz

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