Wheatland considering lowering speed limit on Geneva Road

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Following up on a suggestion by a citizen at a meeting last month, the Wheatland Town Board is discussing lowering the speed limit on Geneva Road through New Munster.

Chairman Bill Glembocki, at Monday’s regular board meeting, said he is in favor of the change.

“We’ve had more kids coming into the community … we have more elderly,” Glembocki said.

The current speed limit on the subject stretch — from the Highway 50/83 intersection to Highway KD — is 35 mph. Glembocki is suggesting 25 mph. The limit could probably be as low as 15 mph due to the proximity of St. Alphonsus School and New Munster Park.

No one on the board or in the audience Monday objected to the lower limit. Kathy Meinen, who owns a tavern on the road, said she favored it for safety reasons.

Glembocki said the board will consider the matter again in two weeks at the next regular Town Board meeting.



  1. shelly says:

    oh good!!! now that cranky old constable can be mean to more people and write lots more tickets!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    Well, now that we have moved out of New Munster after 12 years, they have decided it “might” be a good idea to lower the speed limit. My 3 kids, the neighbor’s 3 kids, 2 across the street and 2 more leaving in spring….New Munster has 10 less kids to worry about I guess. The problem is and always HAS been the 3 bars within a 1/2 mile radius of each other. I don’t think lowering the speed limit will do any good anyhow because in 12 years, I have NEVER seen a police car of ANY sort pull over the constant “daily” speeders. I think what the town needs are “Slow Down Children Playing” signs!!!!!! Just my opinion. :))

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