Wheatland makes emergency signs official

Wheatland town Chairman Bill Glembocki with an example of the style emergency sign preferred by the Town Board.

The Wheatland Town Board made the installation of emergency address signs at every property in the town official at Monday’s meeting.

The board has been discussing the signs since the action was proposed last November by then fire Chief Allan Kaddatz.

In recent months, the board has discussed and decided on the look of the signs, where they will be placed and how mobile homes will be handled.

The 16-by-8-inch sign with installation will cost $28.35 per location, however there will be additional administrative costs added to what each resident will pay. There will be a one-time charge on tax bills.

Town Chairman Bill Glembocki said he expected the installations to be completed this fall.

The board had a reading of the ordinance requiring the signs and waived a second reading due to the length of time the mater has been deliberated in public. The ordinance was the approved unanimously.


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