Randall to change cell phone providers

In a move one town supervisor estimates could save about $400 a month during peak months, the Randall Town Board changed cell phone companies.

The board also decided to decrease the number of phones from eight to five, when research revealed some phones in possession of the fire department to not be needed any longer. The remaining phones are mostly used by the Water Patrol.

Supervisor Mike Halvorson researched and proposed the change to Verizon service. The town had been using Sprint for cell phones.

Verizon will charge the town $10 per phone per month and 6 cents per minute. When the phones are idled, there will be no charge. Sprint had charged $8.99 monthly event for phones not being actively used, Halvorson said.

Supervisor Randy Kaskin questioned what the phones were used for when Halvorson mentioned that past bills showed over 500 minutes often used during the summer. Chairman Bob Stoll said the Water Patrol phones were mostly used to communicate with Joint Services Dispatch to check registrations, call in credit cards etc.

Spring also submitted a new service proposal that was much cheaper than their old plan, but still more expensive than Verizon, Halvorson said.

The vote to change carriers was unanimous.


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