Wheatland approves smaller 911 signs; considers standard for mobile home lot numbers

A slightly smaller and less expensive 911 address sign and some standard placement for lot numbers in mobile home developments were discussed by the Wheatland Town Board Monday.

The board decided to order a 16 by 8 inch sign instead of the 20 by 8 inch sign approved last month. Fire Chief Lou Denko said he was satisfied that the smaller sign was still legible and visible enough.

Between the two meetings, the town received additional samples of various sizes.

The smaller signs are also slightly less expensive — $28.35 versus $29.95. There may be additional administrative costs as well. Residents will be charged one time on their tax bill for the ultimate cost of the sign for their property, explained town Clerk Sheila Siegler.

The signs are designed to let emergency responders more easily locate individual addresses. They will have uniform appearance and location. Each address with a dwelling in town will be required to have a sign.

The board also discussed the case of mobile home parks, which typically have only one street address with individual lot numbers.

Denko suggested requiring a lot number be placed on the left hand side of the side of the mobile home facing the street about 6 feet high. The town will consult with its attorney about how to best address the requirement to make it clear and enforceable.


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