Trustee blasts roadside fish dumps

Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons

Twin Lakes Trustee Sharon Bower said she is angered by dumps of dead fish — mostly carp and northern pike — that she has recently found along village roads.

She mentioned the problem at  Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

“I’d like to catch them,” Bower said, going on to characterize the perpetrators as “idiots.”

Bower said she has come across at least two such dumps of fish, one along Spiegelhoff Road and one near  Mound Prairie Cemetery.

Given that many of the fish are carp, Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald speculated that the dumps may be coming from people spearing or bow fishing carp on the south end of Lake Elizabeth after dark — a legal activity for rough fish, but not game fish like pike.

A more appropriate way of disposing of the fish would be burying them in the angler’s yard, said Fitzgerald, who added he also has come across a fish dump while bicycling in the village.

As for punishing the  fish dumpers, police Chief Dale Racer suggested issuing a littering ticket might be a possibility if the dumpers were caught.

And while Bower said she is really upset about the dumps, she is not volunteering to participate in any clean-up.

“I’m not picking those suckers up,” she said.


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