Wheatland settles on specs for emergency signs

Wheatland town Chairman Bill Glembocki with an example of the style and size emergency sign preferred by the Town Board.

The size and shape of the emergency yard signs to be placed in town yards were approved by the Wheatland Town Board Monday night.

The signs are designed to let emergency responders more easily locate individual addresses. They will have uniform appearance and location. Some other area towns have such signs already.

The signs agreed to are:

  • 20 inches long by 8 inches high.
  • Will have a white border to incease visibility.
  • Will be attached to a galvanized post.
  • Will have a top line with a the town’s name, a large middle line with the address number and a lower line with the road name.

Such signs and posts, with installation, will cost about $27 each, town officials said. There may be additional administrative costs as well. Residents will be charged one time on their tax bill for the ultimate cost of the sign for their property.

The town had been considering several different size signs, but settled on the 8-by-20-inch vertical signs as the most visible.

Town of Wheatland Fire Department Chief Lou Denko said the border will make the signs more visible. He also favored the larger signs to allow for the longer stopping distance of fire equipment.

The Town Board also discussed but did not act on an ordinance governing the signs. It spells out the town and residents’ respective responsibilities regarding the signs. (A copy of the draft ordinance is available here).

There also is a draft policy in the works to control where the signs are placed on a property. That policy calls for the signs to be installed 18 inches into the ground, with the post about 15 feet from the edge of the right side of the driveway (facing home from the road) and on the back edge of the right of way. Alternate locations may be needed in some cases due to obstructions such as foliage or lot line boundaries.


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