Bristol reaffirms smaller Village Board

The Bristol Village Board reaffirmed its intention to slim down from seven members to five in a vote Monday night.

The latest ordinance vote was in order to take care of legal details that were not addressed properly in a earlier vote, said Trustee John McCabe, the measure’s chief sponsor.

The actual vote of the board was unchanged from the earlier instance. Village President Mike Farrell and Trustee William Glembocki were the only votes against the move.

McCabe has made the case that the smaller board will make for more efficient decision making and will be less expensive.

Farrell has said he feels the additional viewpoints offered by a larger board are valuable and that decreasing the board size “is a mistake.”


One Comment

  1. Dean Hendricks says:

    I am disappointed in the fact that Bristol followed Pleasant Prairie and reduced the board members. With the up coming elections I believe it should be voted on in a referendum so it is truly the people’s voice.

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