Brass Ball traffic jams update

Photo by Jon Ng via stock.xchng

I have heard back from two sources that say the state Department of Transportation has told them they will make changes to the traffic signal cycles at Brass Ball Corners that might ease traffic back-ups seen there lately.

Temporary signals at the intersection of Highways 50 and 75/83 went online recently. The effect has been that westbound traffic on Highway 50 — especially at peak travel times — backs up sometimes as far as eight blocks. The signals are part of intersection work that relates to other work taking place on Highway 75 north of the intersection that has closed that road.

Sheriff’s Department Capt. Larry Apker told me he talked to DOT officials today, explained the situation and was told adjustments would be made.

Paddock Lake village administrator Tim Popanda also contacted the DOT with similar concerns and was also told that changes will be made after the division responsible for signals is notified, Popanda said.

Village officials were particularly concerned because the back-ups were causing frustrated motorists to seek alternate routes down residential streets, Popanda said.


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  1. Kathy says:

    Hopefully they will make the changes to that it is easier to go west on Hwy 50 from the Walgreen’s/McDonald’s parking lot!

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