Twin Lakes to remain in Community Library System

After hearing the decision on the renewal of the Sand Bar restaurant and tavern license, record crowds dissipated, leaving just two citizens to hear the fate of the Randall/Twin Lakes Library. In a 6-1 vote with Trustee Shirley Bower voting for the withdrawal, the Village Board decided against withdrawing from the Community Library System and establishing the village’s municipal library, which would have taken effect, January 1, 2003.

Library Board President, Ken Mangold revealed that for the first time in known history, the library finished it’s fiscal year in the black, with $120,839.96. The Library Board plans to set aside $85,000 to acquire a long term lease,and renovate the current building at 110 S. Lake Street, which would essentially triple the library space,leaving no additional burden to taxpayers.

“We have saved in all areas of the library operations,” stated Mangold. “We have turned over all outsourcing to competitive bids, new cleaning services, landscape operations, and computers on down. We have got things right and the last piece of the pie would be to have this board vote no on withdrawing from the Community Library System and get on with this thing and stay with this.”

Wanting to hear it on record, Village Board President Howard Skinner wanted reaffirmation from Mangold, that if Twin Lakes remains in the Community Library System, $85,000 will be spent on the “glorified bookmobile,” and would include remodeling, up to date shelving, new books, computers and materials.

“That is the plan,” said Mangold. “We are only on hold waiting for you and if you decide to stick with us, we will get going.”

Now that the agreement to remain connected to the Community Library System is in place, Mangold estimates it will take six months for the lease agreement and renovations to be completed.



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