Updated Speed Restrictions on Salem Waterways Approved

To meet the needs of recreational boaters and personal watercraft, the formal ordinance to change the hours of slow no wake operation on Lake Shangri-La/Benet and Camp Lake was approved at Monday’s Salem Town Board meeting.

Lake Shangri-La/Benet Lake will have slow no wake hours between sunset and 10 a.m. either in the shore zone (within 100 feet of any lake shore), or the traffic lane during the months of July and August.

Camp Lake’s slow no wake hours will be between the ours of sunset and 10 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and between the hours of 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday either in the shore zone (within 200 feet of any lake shore) or the traffic lane during 2011.



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  1. valentine says:

    At first I read this article and sent a note to DHillock that I was not certain that wake inside the shorelane was legit. IMAGINE my surprise when I read that the board REALLY AND TRULY DID approve no shorezone restrictions at all on Camp Lake and imagine my surprise when I read that this ordinance for Cmap is legit for only 2011. Neither of these are qualifiers that the electors voted on at the annual meeting by a 55 to 4 majority. In addition more that 70 qualified electors signed a petition mirroring the annual meeting motion. Yet, here we can see major and to some, shoreland detriments brought about by the town board. The limitor for only 2011 was, in my opinion, introduced by certain individuals who do not represent the electors well. It seems that the people of the town and of the state and of the country are not represented well. The electors spoke, yet the board does not listen.

    As a note, I would not come inside the 200 ft zone on Camp, unless you want to touch bottom or come to a screeeeeching halt as you hit sandbars!

    Good Report Karen! Good Catch!

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