Silver Lake pursuing railroad quiet zone designation

Silver Lake residents may sleep easier, if the Village succeeds in becoming a designated 24-hour railroad quiet zone.

At specific locations, the train operators would be relieved of a federal rule that requires whistles be sounded every time the train approaches a railroad crossing. If approved, Silver Lake would join hundreds of cities around the country in establishing quiet zones.

The board unanimously approved a letter to the Wisconsin DOT requesting additional Quiet Zone Traffic Counts at railroad crossings in the Village.

According to President Jeff Albrecht, the state will provide the count if requested by the Village.

“We have also asked for additional crossing counts to be added for Lake, Park and Maple,” he said. “We are on the home stretch for designating a quiet zone.”

Train engineers still have the authority under the quiet zone regulations to sound the train horn anytime they feel there is an emergency situation such as warnings to motorists, pedestrians, animals and other trains to prevent injury, death or property damage.

Crossings would be equipped with lights, bells and crossing gates to ensure motorist, bicyclist and pedestrian safety.




  1. silent areas? at what cost? says:

    How much is this going to cost?
    “Crossings would be equipped with lights, bells and crossing gates to ensure motorist, bicyclist and pedestrian safety”

    Which will come first? The gates, bells and lights or the silent horns?

  2. Come on Salem Board says:

    let’s be proactive and secure quiet zones for ToS.

    1) It rids noise polution
    2) It raises home values thus more tax $$$ to pay for that new garage and point less Town Admin.

  3. just a dumb question says:

    arent the gates, and lights already on our crossings?

  4. check the standards for the crossing says:

    gates. Federal Transportation board. If you can get around the gate,
    it isnt to spec. Ditto pedestrian walkway. Full enclosure required.
    Cha-ching. Wasnt the track there when these people bought their properties?

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