Sand Bar liquor license renewed for season

Crowds wait in front of Village Hall

An overcapacity crowd, predominantly of supporters for renewing the Sand Bar liquor license filled the Village Hall Thursday night. In question was the renewal of the license for the business located on the shores of Lake Elizabeth. Owned by Carlo DiCarlo, the outdoor restaurant and bar operates on nearly 100 percent of DNR owned property.

Fueled by complaints from a few neighbors regarding noise and parking issues, the DNR threatened to discontinue operations and reclaim the property for its intended use as a Boat Launch.

After several meetings with DiCarlo and the Village Board, the DNR agreed to allow the Sand Bar to continue operations for the balance of the 2011 season. In a unanimous vote, the board agreed to approve the license with the normal expiration of June 30, 2012 and to authorize use of the existing premise until October 31, 2012. After this time, the Village Board will need to take an action to either extend the time at the current premise or transfer the license to a new premise. Additionally, under suggestions by the DNR, the Village Board may decide to consider earlier closing times instead of maintaining the current restriction of midnight.

While initial reactions to the renewal were positive and met with thunderous applause, DiCarlo, his attorney Bruno Rizzo and members of the audience quickly became dissatisfied as they learned of the DNR’s suggestion to curb the operational hours, as well as their possible intentions to reclaim their property.

Neighbor Colleen Michaelson stated that she lives near the Sand Bar and was impressed with his compassion and courtesy when one of her loved ones was deployed to Korea.

“He opened up his place and treated us like gold,” she said. “He is a good man, a good businessman and a good neighbor.”

Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald admitted that the Sand Bar is faced with two issues, the neighborhood noise issue and the presence of the DNR on the lake each week.

“I think they are looking at parking issues, but they have been seeing basically daytime activity and the hours are not as big of an issue for the DNR as maybe we think,” he said.

Trustee Sharon Bower agreed, and added, “they have already cut hours once and to cut them again would be horrible in my opinion.”

Neighbor Craig Jung was not as understanding, and told the board that no negotiations have taken place regarding noise issues.

However, according to Rizzo, DiCarlo has been addressing all of these issues by utilizing parking attendants on the weekends and has plans to install fencing.

Plans to continue discussions between the Village Board, Rizzo, DiCarlo and the DNR are planned to find an agreeable outcome.

Carlo DiCarlo-owner of Sanbar in tturquoise shirt



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