Workshop to address trimming hooves

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A workshop on trimming hooves as well as a pasture walk — open to Kenosha County residents — is scheduled for Monday, June 27 from 5 to 8 p.m. at A-Z Farm in Oregon, Wisconsin.

The program will start with a pasture walk, where participants can see the grazing system used by A-Z Farm. Dinner will follow the pasture walk and the evening will conclude with an hour hands-on demonstration on hoof trimming as well as a discussion on treating hoof problems.

Ray and Alice Antoniewicz and their family will lead the pasture walk and discuss their business. The hoof trimming demonstration and discussion will be done by Claire Mikolayunas, UW Cooperative Extension Small Ruminant Specialist.

4H and FFA youth are encouraged to attend the program as well as sheep and goat producers.. Costs for the program are $15/adult or $10 for youth 18 and under. To request a brochure or for more information contact Peg Reedy at 262-741-4960 or or Rose Skora at 262-857-1945 or and Kirsten Jurcek at 920-342-9504 or The brochure is also available online at:

This program has been organized and sponsored by UW Cooperative Extension and Town and Country RC and D with funds from the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Program (GLCI) and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

UW-Cooperative Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming including Title IX and ADA. To ensure equal access, please make requests for reasonable accommodations to any of the above-mentioned persons.




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