Assistant DA has praise for Silver Lake PD

The Silver Lake Police Department was praised by chief assistant district attorney Richard Ginkowski at last week’s Silver Lake Village Board meeting.

Ginkowski, once a “small town police officer and chief” himself, said that many people may not appreciate that the Silver Lake PD handles a wide variety of crime despite the village’s small population. He presented a breakdown of 427 adult cases submitted by SLPD to the DA’s office between May 1, 2009 and June 1, 2011. Those crimes included instances of serious and not stereotypical small town type incidents like prostitution, serious assaults and child sexual assault and abuse.

“The local need is a little more than speed enforcement and disorderlies,” Ginkowski said.

Ginkowski also praised the department’s cooperative attitude and willingness to give and receive outside help.

“We respect the work these people do,” Ginkowski said. “They have some unique challenges here. … We’ve been pleased with the relationship and we’ve seen growth over the years.”

Commenting on the statistics presented by Ginkowski, village President Jeffery Albrecht said “These are pretty sobering statistics.”



  1. rob says:

    what a joke salem bristol paddock lake has 1 officer each and way more commercial income than silver lake and silver lake has how many police
    get a grip people

  2. annoyed Silver Lake resident says:

    I agree with you, but the last time I spoke out against Silver Lake’s “finest” I got bashed.

    Prostitution? Maybe I do live under a rock around here, didnt know we had “professionals” in Silver Lake, lol.

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