One of accused in Brighton murder pleads

Photo by Jason Morrison via stock.xchng

Richard J. Beeter, one of the men charged in the 2009 murder of Robin Leydel of Brighton, has plead guilty to one charge and will be sentenced later this month.

Beeter plead guilty to felony murder-party to a crime. Other charges of burglary and armed robbery were dropped at the motion of the prosecutor.

Leydel, 50, was shot and killed in his home early in the morning on Oct. 13, 2009.

Leydel’s wife called police while the invaders were still in her home.  A nearby deputy responding to the scene saw a car leaving the Leydel driveway on Highway K and was able to stop it near Highway 50 and Highway 83 in Paddock Lake.

Four men, including Beeter, were arrested and charged in connection with the crime. Two, Teddy W. Bieker  and John M. Navigato, were found guilty in a jury trial in March and are scheduled for sentencing next week. The fourth defendent, Brian Suchecki, plead guilty to charges of felony murder-armed robbery-party to a crime, armed robbery-party to a crime and felon possession of a firearm. He is set for sentencing June 30.


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