Bristol nixes helicopter ordinance

Photo by SV KR via stock.xchng

The Bristol Village Board has rejected a proposed ordinance controlling helicopters in the village.

The action came at the regular Village Board meeting Monday night. It was approved unanimously with Trustee Carolyn Owens absent.

The ordinance was proposed by staff in reaction to complaints from a resident who objected to helicopter landings at a local restaurant.

The ordinance would have required helicopter pilots not landing at a designated heliport to notify the Sheriff’s Department before landing  — even on private property.

Several area helicopter pilots spoke against passing the ordinance at a public hearing held at the meetings. They contended that the site where the occasional landings occur are welcomed by the restaurant owner and are done in a way as to not endanger nearby residents.

The pilots also made the point that federal regulations regarding flying of helicopters were sufficient and that the existence of a local ordinance would only be known to local pilots.

Nevertheless, the pilots agreed to submit “Neighborly Flying” materials to the village as well as a memo of understanding governing landings at the restaurant to be distributed throughout the local flying community.

Village administrator Randy Kerkman said he had received several complaints about helicopter landings at the restaurant over the yeas, all from one person whose identity he did not know.


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