Units responding to report of heavy smoke in Paddock Lake

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

At 3:23 p.m., Salem Fire/Rescue units are responding to an investigation fo heavy white smoke in the area of 248th Avenue and Highway 50, Paddock Lake.

Dispatch reports that report came from a school bus driver who said smoke was heavy enough to obscure view of traffic.

UPDATE 3:26 p.m. – Personnel on scene investigating, but finding no smoke now.

UPDATE 3:29 p.m. — Actual scene may be at a different location, personnel on scene in Paddock Lake report.

UPDATE 3:31 p.m. — Dispatch reports that actual location is between First and Seventh streets on 248th Avenue (Highway 75), Brighton. Personnel is responding to investigate.

UPDATE 3:34 p.m. — Dispatch reports that Bong State Recreation Area officials said they were performing a controlled burn in the area about 30 minutes ago that may have been responsible for smoke.




  1. Lisa Coppelman says:

    I was the bus driver that called the fire into my terminal dispatcher at Dousman Transport. I specifically said I was on 248th Ave between 1st & 7th Streets in Racine County, how dispatch came up with 248th Avenue & Hwy 50, I do not know.

  2. DNR playin' with fire! tsk tsk says:

    It’s a shame that when I want to build a fire greater than 3x3x3 that I need a permit
    but the DNR skates by with this practice permitless, jeopardizes citizens and responders in the rushing to respond to a reported fire,
    pollutes the air and in this case, has a fire with winds sufficient to cloak the roadways making for a road hazard.
    Hummmmm…. DNR needs to be reined in a little more.
    They also need to be more co-oprerative to let those who would respond to a 911 call know that they, the DNR, is gonna be ‘playin’ with fire. …(.L~ ya shoud have just called JIM direct!)

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