Bristol School students rewarded with Deal or No Deal

The Bristol BE’s committee presented their version of Deal or No Deal on Thursday in an all-school assembly.

One student from each classroom was picked to participate in the game. Only students that had 0 to 1 referrals from Monday, March 28 until the assembly qualified for the opportunity to participate.

The student chosen from each class had to decide whether to take take the initial prize offered — usually gift cards — or try for the opportunity to win one of the prizes from the prize table. If the student took the initial prize, their turn was over. If the student decided to “Deal,” they picked from one of the bags offered. Inside the bag was a tag that revealed the prize. Some of the most coveted prices included ipods and a football autographed by Green Bay Packer A.J. Hawk.

But by “dealing,” the student took a chance at picking a clunker. Some of the clunkers included a bag of rolls, a head of cabbage and what principal Jeff Terry described as perhaps the ultimate clunker, an autographed photo of district administrator Gale Ryczek.

By far, most students chose to press their luck and deal.

Here is some video from the assembly:


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