Twin Lakes to seek DPI opinion on establishing village library

The Twin Lakes Sewer, Health and Environment, Youth and Library Committee agreed Wednesday to seek an opinion from the state Department of Public Instruction about the viability of starting a village library.

Seeking the opinion is a requirement if the village decides it wants to separate from the joint Community Library, explained village administrator David Cox. He was speaking at a committee meeting Wednesday evening at Village Hall.

However, the village will not be bound to follow the opinion’s findings.

Despite extensive discussion on the subject of separating from the multiple municipality Community Library, the committee did not settle on a recommendation to the Village Board about the larger issue of whether to separate from the joint district. Trustee Thomas Connolly, a member of the committee, said he did not favor a separation. Trustees Aaron Karow and Mike Moran, the other members of the committee, were less committal in their comments, though both seemed to see scenarios where they would support separation.

“It still seems seems that we do not have a firm decision, but I think we should seek the opinion,” said Karow.

The village’s future as a member of the Community Library system has been in question since late last year, when the village began considering separating from the joint municipality system and creating its own village library. Twin Lakes Community Library Board members have been unhappy with how the local branch has been treated in the past in terms of programming and other issues.

The village needs to decide by June 30 if it is staying or leaving the district to activate an 18-month separation process in time to be done by Jan 1., 2013.


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