Paris town supervisor results

At 8:32 p.m., early results for the Paris town supervisor 1 race shows incumbent Ron Kammerzelt with 367 votes to challenger Paul Terry’s 211.

The unofficial results are however, still incomplete.

UPDATE —  As of Wednesday morning county showing above as complete unofficial results.



  1. Marcy says:

    The fact that the Town Chairman was at the polling place all day probably helped the incumbent out. I spoke to the Town Clerk three times during the day and specifically asked if he was there.

  2. Paris voter and parent says:

    So what if VG was there. He has an office and as long as he was not electioneering its fine. K did a nice job during his last term.

  3. Xfactor says:

    I’m sure it didn’t make a difference but he probably shouldn’t have been there. He probably could have handled any business he may have had away from the polling place.

  4. Xfactor says:

    “K” did a nice job during his last term? He was part of a board that has had it’s boarders of the town infringed upon, let Waste Management back out of their contract, wasted about $15,000 (plus Lawyer fees?) on a noise study about the drag strip because of a few complainers who knew the drag strip was there before they moved in, which resulted in a study saying it’s not really that loud! And financially hurt one of the few local businesses in the process as well as it being a landmark. Oh, what else….burying the $23 million in the ground for years and then saying, “at least we didn’t lose money”. No it’s not all his fault but he was a part of it. The Town Board probably deserves a failing grade for the last several years. It’s time to come out of the 70’s and 80’s before this beautiful town gets swallowed up, or collapses. The number of votes that Paul Terry received, with little effort, shows that people are finally becoming more aware of what is going on in this town.

  5. Marcy says:

    “K” has been telling people that he won by a “landslide”. I would say not – Mike C. won by a landslide in the school board race – “K” did not. I have to agree with you “X” – a lot of people want a change. Too bad it’s now going to take two more years to have it done. I’ve lived in this Town for 60+ years; when the people have to start paying taxes to the Town, then they will be more watchful and make better decisions at election time. Beth was a good replacement, but “K” was part of losing her too.

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