County Emergency Management to host weather spotting classes

NOAA photo /Public domain

Kenosha County Emergency Management will sponsor Beginners and Advanced classes on Severe Weather/Tornado Spotting on April 4 and 28.

“The classes are free and the public is highly encouraged to attend to learn more about severe weather, how it is formed and how it affects them. Law enforcement, fire, EMS, public works and amateur radio operators are especially encouraged to attend,” Lt. Ed Van Tine, director, Kenosha County Emergency Management, said.

“Trained Tornado Spotters are the eyes and ears of the National Weather Service. Tornado Spotters provide critical information during severe weather to the county and the National Weather Service,” said Van Tine. “These two classes build upon each other and will inform citizens what they need to know to identify potential hazardous weather. Whether people want to be a trained tornado spotter or just become more knowledgeable about severe weather and tornadoes, these two classes are extremely informative.”

The April 4 Beginner’s Severe Weather/Tornado Spotter’s class will cover basic meteorology, including how tornadoes are formed, tornado spotting tips and tornado reporting procedures.

The April 28 Advanced Severe Weather/Tornado Spotter’s class will cover thunderstorm types, thunderstorm development, wall clouds, tornado classifications and variations, and a tornado’s life cycle.

Kenosha County is one of several southeast Wisconsin counties to offer the Advance Severe Weather/Tornado Spotter’s Class. The Beginner’s Tornado Spotter’s Class is a prerequisite to taking the Advanced Spotter’s Class and can be taken anytime previous to the Advanced Class.

Both classes are free  and will be held at the Kenosha County Center, Highways 45 and 50 in Bristol, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. To register for the April 4 and/or the April 28 classes, please RSVP no later than April 1 to Kenosha County Emergency Management at 605-7900 with your name, phone number (in case of cancellation) and how many people will be attending, so as to assure enough handouts and seating.

The Severe Weather/Tornado Spotter Classes are co-sponsored by Kenosha County Emergency Management, the National Weather Service, and the Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association.


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