Salem School District and support staff reach agreement

An agreement between the Salem School District Board of Education and Salem School support staff has been reached.

The board and the staff’s representatives made it official at a special board meeting held Tuesday evening.

This is not an extension of an agreement like some other districts around the state have done with their teachers and support staff bargaining units, although the topic did receive consideration and discussion at the bargaining table, said district administrator David Milz. This agreement covers this current school year and expires June 30, 2011.

Money already had been budgeted in this year’s budget for a potential agreement. The one-year deal resulted in a $1.75 per cell increase on salary including steps without insurance totaling approximately $25,000. With insurance and benefits, the total package amounts to an approximate total of $49,000 or a 3.56 percent increase for the entire agreement, Milz said.

“The bargaining at the table between the board and ESP’s was extremely cordial and respectful, reflecting the positive relationship that exists,” Milz said. ” There is no denying the work the support staff does in the name of student achievement is immeasurable and appreciated and can’t be overlooked.”

The agreement between the Board of Education and teachers expires the end of June too, but there are too many unknowns at this time for any further negotiations, Milz said.


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